Differentiate Your Business with Semi-Custom TDFs
A semi-custom approach to target date funds (TDFs) is now less com­plex, time consuming and resource intensive for advisors and sponsors, yet provides potential benefits similar to a fully customized approach. Recordkeepers and service providers can be leveraged for glide path options, risk/investment style levels, rebalancing, and selection of funding vehicles, often leveraging the plan sponsor’s existing investment menu.

Consulting on semi-custom TDFs enhances your value to a plan sponsor and can help you forge a deeper relationship. Your expertise can differentiate your services from other advisors who only offer pre-packaged TDF solutions and underscore your reputation as a thought leader.

Contact an OppenheimerFunds Retirement Consultant at 800 734 5222.  We can help you to:

  • Understand recordkeeper and third-party glide path and fiduciary provider capabilities.
  • Facilitate the selection and monitoring of a semi-custom TDF model.
  • Employ analytics and tools to assist in the evaluation of a semi-custom TDF model.