Daily Huddle

These 12-minute morning meetings are called “huddles” because they are designed to be exactly that.

  • Everyone Stands: This is a huddle not a meeting.
  • Location: Senior advisor’s office or small conference room.
  • Short Duration: Get everyone on the same page and then “break” and go to your positions.
  • Tactical: Designed to focus on the priorities of today.
  • Capacity Check: Distribute work based on priorities and individual capacity constraints for that day.

Larger teams should consider bookending the day with two daily huddles given as many moving parts as they have.

  • Likewise larger teams often begin each morning with an administrative huddle and then a FA huddle (with your Chief of Staff acting as a bridge by attending both meetings).
  • In Summary: “Be bright, be brief and be gone.”

Potential Items to Discuss

  • Review and prioritize appointments, meetings and calls for the day.
  • Check individual team members capacity constraints.
  • Assign and realign critical tasks based on constraints and expertise.
  • Review “time sensitive” administrative tasks.
  • Review pending proposals and status update.
  • Review everyone’s three top priorities for the day.
  • Recognize individual and team successes.

The Constructing a Synergistic Team Toolkit to explore deeper into the subject of managing critical team meetings.

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