The single greatest predictor of your short-term survival, your medium-term growth and your long-term success, is your ability as a team to collaborate and communicate effectively. Given how dynamic, volatile and rapidly evolving our industry has become, it’s your team’s ability to challenge its assumptions, admit and correct its mistakes, anticipate its clients needs and constantly fine-tune its business model that will not only ensure your survival but ultimately your success.

In the past 20 years we have found that our most underutilized and untapped resource is the collective intellect and insights of our teammates, which often lay dormant in even some of our most productive teams. Rather than unlock and mine this resource on a regular basis, we allow the demands of our practice to so consume us, that meaningful collaboration and conversations get swept downstream for another day. Suddenly we look up and another year has passed, and it’s time to start the fire drills all over again.

For the sake of your team, your clients, your families and yourselves; step off the treadmill once a week, sit down with your colleagues, and as Michael Gerber the best-selling author of the E-Myth has taught us, “work on your business…not just in our business.”

Meeting Types

  • Daily Huddle
  • Weekly Strategy Meeting
  • Semiannual Developmental Meeting
  • Building Esprit-de-Corps

The Constructing a Synergistic Team Toolkit to explore deeper into the subject of managing critical team meetings.

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