The single greatest challenge advisors face is to manage their clients’ emotions in the face of turbulent financial markets. Perceptions, misperceptions, fears and phobias are exacerbated by the 24-hour news cycle, and often stand between them and their long-term financial success. When frightened, investors rarely make prudent investment decisions and are also more likely to abandon their carefully constructed long-term financial strategies. It’s not surprising that the average investor not only underperforms virtually every major index and asset class, but can’t even keep up with a very nominal inflation rate.

Instead of giving investors insights to help them master these emotions, Wall Street often gives them tactical chart books full of graphs, data and statistics. But tactical recommendations addressed to investors curled up in the fetal position out of fear and trepidation will fall on deaf ears.

Our “Compelling Wealth Management Conversations” program is designed to provide the broad philosophical and historical perspective that investors need to defuse their fears and misperceptions. The book uses the power of analogy, metaphor, story and visual illustration to help keep investors “buckled in” to their long-term wealth management and investment strategy. It can also help them understand the fundamental principles that illuminate and guide investment decisions and illustrate where some of the tactical opportunities lie.

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