After segmenting books qualitatively and quantitatively, and then stratifying clients, we address client service standards. Exceptional client service" includes anything you do that could potentially receive a “wow” from your clients – above and beyond.

The service matrix is comprised of three variables:

  1. Cost
  2. Time
  3. Specificity

Using the stratification method, Silver clients get low cost, generic specificity, and nominal time service. Gold clients get medium cost, custom specificity, and average time service. And platinum clients get high cost, personal specificity, and significant time service.

What can you and your team do to stand out on a “cluttered radar screen,” and get the attention of your platinum clients? You have to do something that touches that client in a personal way – and is extremely memorable (or touches someone close to them) in order to have impact.

Please review the The Client Service Toolkit, and explore the additional content and resources in this series.