As a Financial Advisor, you have the ability to sit down with somebody you just met and within two or three hours of talking with them—over maybe one or two meetings—have them trust you enough to transfer over their entire net worth into your care and guidance. Most people would ask “How do you do that?” The truth is, that is an amazing skill, yet most of you don’t know it’s amazing because you’ve been doing it so long and it’s become second nature.

However that same advisor who sits down with somebody and displays confidence, and looks them square in the eye, and has a great structure and methodology to capture and manage their assets then sits down to ask for referrals and the clients are greeted with…“well, you know, if you wouldn’t mind, if you can think of someone maybe, that might want to work with me, that would be, really great…can you think of anyone?”

If we asked for business that way, Wall Street would close in a week! While we’re great at gaining the trust of our prospects and clients, our industry has traditionally been very challenged in the art of asking for referrals and even more challenged with broaching the subject with social connections in fear that we will jeopardize that relationship.