Oppenheimer Capital Income Fund managed by Michelle Borre is designed to provide income with low volatility by participating in rising markets and mitigating potential downside in declining markets. It seeks to deliver these results by rigorously managing risk in the portfolio and employing a multi-asset approach that broadens its investible universe, allowing it to search for opportunities that may have better risk/reward profiles than traditional investments and may help diversify the Fund’s returns.

The Fund implements this approach across three distinct strategies:

  • The Equity Strategy seeks companies with improving fundamentals and attractive valuations that help fulfill our investment mandate.
  • The High Grade Fixed Income Strategy is designed to act as ballast for the portfolio and deliver competitive returns with low to moderate volatility.
  • The Opportunistic Strategy invests in securities across multiple asset classes that the managers believe offer superior risk-adjusted return profiles and diversification. The flexibility of the Opportunistic Strategy allows the Fund to shift its profile over time depending on the opportunities available.

After identifying an investment theme, the managers perform rigorous fundamental analysis to validate or disprove the thesis and identify a fundamental framework. They look at how the change could impact key drivers in our scenarios, with a bull, bear and base case considered. To evaluate the investment options, they look across companies, capital structures and asset classes to analyze the risk/reward potential for a broad variety of securities.

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