Building Esprit-de-Corps

Our high intensity, fast-paced and often pressure-filled environment can fray the nerves, degrade the resilience and fracture the friendships of even our strongest and most committed financial advisors, branch and complex managers and senior executives. One of the best elixirs to help mitigate a pressure-filled environment is humor and fun. Below are a list of ideas that might help defuse some of the pressure and strain of running a high performance financial services team.

Team Oriented Ideas:

  • Monthly Team Lunches
  • Ice Cream or Pizza Special
  • Laugh-a-Day Challenge
  • Pampering Day
  • Fun Fundraising
  • Fun Contests
  • Semiannual Recognition Event
  • Sports Parties
  • Annual Team Yearbook

Individual Recognition Ideas

  • “Bravo Cards”
  • “Gold Star Award” for receiving the most positive client feedback
  • The “Top Gun Award” for having the top production on the team
  • Birthday Recognitions
  • The “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” Award
  • Family Recognition

The Constructing a Synergistic Team Toolkit to explore deeper into the subject of managing critical team meetings.

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