All financial institutions are trying to construct a financial craft (or boat) for a client and his family. The boat is comprised of a sail (equity security), a hull (fixed income security), and a life preserver (insurance-based products).

If a client goes to a bank, a banker will design a craft that is fixed-income based, with smaller amounts of equity securities and insurance-based products. If a client goes to a broker, the broker will design a craft with a large sale (a lot of equity securities), with a smaller hull (fixed income) and a smaller life preserver (insurance). If a client goes to an insurance salesman, the client will get a huge amount of insurance, but smaller amounts of equity securities and fixed income.

These unbalanced financial crafts have been a problem in the financial services industry for over a century. You as the advisor have access to products to build an appropriate craft designed to take your clients safely and effectively to their destination over the long haul.

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