Are You Building a Synergistic Team or Working Group?

We build financial services teams around the functional model of an army squad: the smallest tactical unit, of specialized military personnel, organized around a common endeavor.

  • The Smallest Tactical Unit: Without a disciplined and focused rationale for the team’s strategic and tactical purpose, they often grow to unmanageable proportions and in many cases become “mini-branches.”
  • Specialized Military Personnel: While all financial advisors have the same foundational training (just like their military brethren), it is their sub-specialization that allows them to come together as a complementary and cohesive team.
  • Organized Around a Common Endeavor: In our industry that common endeavor is the client. The client, their extended family and in many cases their business/professional practice.

This “self-contained fighting unit,” i.e., your team, should be capable of handling virtually all the day-to-day challenges facing their sophisticated clientele: from portfolio management to estate planning, from personal and professional banking services to hedge funds, alternative investments and trust services. On those occasions where the client’s challenges are both sophisticated and somewhat esoteric, you can call in your high powered strategic alliances (just like the Army unit calls in the heavy artillery and/or air cover) to assist in that particular case.

The Constructing a Synergistic Team Toolkit will provide you with the architectural framework needed to construct and manage a synergistic team.

Access the Toolkit, interactive tools and multimedia library of resources by downloading the CEO Advisor Institute App for iPad.