The wild price swings afflicting the global markets this year have led many investors to search for alternative sources of return with low sensitivity to stocks and bonds.

Oppenheimer Fundamentals Alternatives Fund (QVOPX)1 aims to do just that, seeking to provide diversification by investing in multiple long and short strategies to help deliver an asymmetric return profile with low volatility. The Fund strives to help investors manage their portfolio risks by maintaining a low sensitivity to the movements of traditional asset classes and delivering more of the market upside than downside.

The strategy employs a thematic investment approach identifying long-term opportunities emerging from change within a particular region, industry/sector, or specific company. For example, the Oppenheimer Fundamentals Alternatives Fund seeks to help investors capitalize on dramatic changes in how the media industry creates and delivers content. The new media marketplace is disrupting a wide range of traditional revenue models, including conventional bundled cable television packages, and a shift among advertisers to digital platforms as a more effective way of reaching consumers.

1Prior to August 3, 2015, the Fund’s name was Oppenheimer Flexible Strategies Fund.