Oppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free Municipal Fund is a national fund that seeks to offer a broadly diversified grouping of tax-free as well as AMT-free bonds with some high yield components within the municipal market. We are able to accomplish this thanks to our award-winning active management approach to municipal bond analysis, and our 30-year history of maximizing tax-free income and yield-driven total returns.

When considering an AMT-Free municipal fund, it’s important to recognize the following:

  • About 7 million taxpayers are subject to the alternative minimum tax.
  • A municipal bond that pays 5% offers the equivalent yield of a taxable bond paying 8.81%.
  • The Fund (Class Y) has delivered strong performance in the Lipper General and Insured Municipal Debt category.1

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1 Source: Lipper, Inc. Lipper ranking is for Class Y shares and ranking may include more than one share class of funds in the category, including other share classes of this Fund. Ranking is based on total return as of 3/31/16. Different share classes may have different expenses and performance characteristics. Class Y shares are not available to all investors. Past performance does not guarantee future results.