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About Us

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients, who range from financial advisors and individual investors to corporations and endowments.

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The Right Way to Invest

While markets may change, we believe The Right Way to Invest for
clients remains constant. Our approach is rooted in four key principles.

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Make Global Connections

We understand how interconnected global markets are today.

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Look to the Long Term

We understand creating value takes time.

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Take Intelligent Risks

We seek to effectively balance the risks that come with the rewards of investing.

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Invest with Proven Teams

Our seasoned managers have experience managing portfolios through multiple market cycles.

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Dedicated to the Diverse Needs of Our Clients

Each day our seasoned portfolio teams demonstrate the benefits of applying a
long-term, active approach to investing for a diverse group of clients.

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Financial Advisors and Their Clients

We have always recognized the value of professional advice for investors.

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Wealth Managers and Their Clients

We offer a variety of strategies and vehicles to address affluent investors' needs.

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Institutional Investors and Their Intermediaries

Our OFI Global subsidiary offers institutional investors a range of investment solutions.

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Retirement Plans and Their Consultants and Advisors

Our long-term approach aligns with the long-term interests of plans and their participants.

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Who We Are

Learn about our history and guiding principles.

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A Global Asset Manager

OppenheimerFunds has been an industry pioneer throughout our 60-year history.

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Executive Profiles

An executive team built on proven industry experience.

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OppenheimerFunds takes an active, global role in serving our communities.

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